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TMG: Tyche Model Generator

TMG is a Tyche module that automates the conversion of Excel spreadsheets into fully operational Tyche models.

It has been developed to suit life cash flow models in particular, such as asset or liability cash flow spreadsheets, but in principle could be used to convert almost any spreadsheet to a fully functioning Tyche model. 

In simple terms the TMG extracts the formulae making up the Excel spreadsheet, maps them to Tyche equivalents, and then saves the resultant Tyche model for you to use. Of course whereas a cash flow model in a spreadsheet would struggle to execute a million policy file, the TMG created Tyche model can handle this with ease giving you a automated way to create a production process from an Excel technical specification of your model. 

TMG has been optimised to generate efficient code, producing models that leverage Tyche’s core benefits, to run with phenomenal speed on lightweight hardware. The code it generates is open and easily editable, allowing TMG models to be customised manually as required.

The TMG was created to optimize the change process associated with adopting Tyche – treating an Excel model as a technical specification of the required calculations and automating the process of creating a production model from this technical specification. Have completed the process, firms have the option of making further development to their model directly in Tyche, or continuing using Excel as the basis of the technical specification of changes required and using the TMG to convert these to the production model.