Tyche for life insurers

We use Tyche to build individual life insurance models, and deliver an end-to-end modelling workflow. Its applications can include data validation and cleaning, assumption management, cash flow projection, asset and liability valuation, and capital models. These models support valuation and financial reporting, pricing, and capital modelling.

We developed Tyche to make modelling easier and better, and to give you:

- unrivalled speed;

- significantly lower cost of ownership;

- flexibility to model your end-to-end reporting processes in a single workflow;

- fully flexible data connectivity;

- rich and open APIs; and

- an open approach to third parties

To serve the needs of life insurers, we developed the Tyche Model Generator (TMG). TMG converts Excel cashflow models to optimised Tyche models, making it simple and cost-effective to migrate and realise the benefits of running a model in Tyche. 

Tyche is supported by our experienced team of life insurance consultants, who are all modelling practitioners and can guide your through getting the most from Tyche. RPC Tyche also collaborates with implementation partners, who can offer complementary sources of expertise.