RPC Tyche is a fast paced, dynamic business headquartered in London. We have ambitious growth plans and currently support a global client base covering the UK, EMEA and the US.

We help those in insurance and related sectors do things better using our leading-edge technology. At our heart lies a demand for innovation: 

    •   from firms needing greater insight into the risks they face

    •   from regulators requiring deeper and more timely analyses

    •   from underwriters seeking an edge in pricing the risks they assume

    •   from businesses looking to improve efficiency.

Our team of highly skilled actuaries develop innovative solutions for our clients using our proprietary modelling platform, Tyche. We are able to tackle challenging modelling problems head on and provide companies with solutions that can be implemented into their daily business discussions by leveraging affordable “commodity” hardware and ground-breaking advances in parallel software design .

Working with us

We have created a vibrant culture that recognises – and rewards – innovation and hard work. Moreover, we take immense pleasure in what we do. 

Whether you're a new graduate embarking on your career, an experienced Actuary or software development professional, or an experienced business support professional, we are always on the lookout for the brightest minds to join our teams. Our exciting actuarial software, Tyche, means that we are constantly looking to expand our team with people who have sharp technical abilities. 

We welcome the opportunity to talk to individuals who are interested in joining a fast paced, dynamic working environment that delivers a new style of consulting to the insurance industry.

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